Kathy Steele, LCSWProgram Supervisor

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Program Supervisor for the REACH Programs based in Aspiranet’s Fresno, California office.

    Working with children and families formed through adoption has been both a focus, as well as passion of Kathy’s for most of the 22 years she has been employed with Aspiranet. In part, this focus was inspired by her earlier experiences in being a foster parent for children who had been exposed to complex trauma (i.e., drug/alcohol exposure, neglect and/or abuse, etc.).

    Children, most especially children who come from compromised beginnings and who are adopted from the foster care system, deserve our support and an opportunity to succeed. So too, do the families who love and care for them.  In addition to providing supervision for our REACH social workers, Kathy provides direct services to clients, as well as parent education and facilitation of regularly held support groups.